A Concise History of HipHop

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What we understand as rap music today started in the 1970’s with evident African American and Latino musical impacts in addition to an impact from Jamaican folk tales where stories are related in rhyme. It owes its origins likewise to hip hop when New York City DJs emphasized rhythmic drum breaks in popular funk and disco music in the ever growing trendier club scene. These clubs became acknowledged and effective with the big name DJs’ capability to draw great deals of the in-crowd. This rise of the DJ closely parallels the rise of rap music then and now.
The escalation of rap music likewise produced a freshly expanded function of the Master of Ceremonies or MC. It is a truth that the most talented MCs with their charismatic presence became of utmost significance to the development of hip hop music and to the rap artist. The best of these MCs effectively amused audiences in the past, during and after the entertainers actually plied their trade. Rap music has in fact been referred to as MCing, where artists speak lyrically in rhyme and verse.
The word of this brand-new music was spread by break dancers, rap artists and graffiti artists in New York City in the early 1970’s. By the late 70’s rap music had actually acquired some effective industrial attraction and thus started its steep uphill rise as an alternative to pop music in America and subsequently all over the world. Rap music soul band is carried out both with and without instrumentals or synthesizers in the background. Lyrics can be written down and learned by the rap artist, or they might be improvised by the artist advertisement lib while performing.
The Sugar Hill Gang provided rap its business motivation in 1979 with their recording of ‘Rapper Delight.’ The Sugar Hill Gang caught the attention of the significant record labels triggering the rap audience to expand greatly.
By the 1990’s, a sub-class of rap called gangsta rap emerged and thrived in the United States. It consisted of questionable lyrics with a concentrate on street violence, sex and drugs, which obviously included significantly to rap music’s attract American youth and quickly infected all levels of socio-economic groups.
Rap broadened it’s appeal and popularity (or prestige) and gained a bigger share of the audience for popular music with groups like Public Enemy, NWA and Ice-T. After more than twenty years, present day rap music and its artists remain to enjoy a large following throughout a field of differing demographics.
Undoubtedly because of it’s questionable lyrics and rhythms, not to mention artists, especially galling to parents of young adults, rap continues it’s meteoric rise into the 21st century. As a matter of reality, rap music is the fastest growing and most popular category in America’s music scene today, as well as the global music scene.
Today, hip jump and its cousin rap are delighting in the best appeal of this musical category than it has ever had since of mainstream acceptance of such artists as Kid Rock and Eminem likewise known as Slim Shady, who obtained his performance name from his birth name, Marshall Mathers. These 2, to name a few. have actually proven that rap is not just for black male audiences. Speaking of others, female rap artists have actually stepped up to the plate with the gifted musicianship of Salt ‘N Pepa, Li’l Kim and the multi-talented Queen Latifah including more women to the ever burgeoning eclectic audience for rap music.
We owe the very first use of the term ‘rap’ in print to The Village Voice penned by Steven Hagar, who later on wrote a book on the history of hip hop entitled ‘The Illustrated History of Break Dancing, Rap Music and Graffiti,’ which is now, sadly for major fans of such musical stylistics, out of print.

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